Nanaimo Double – Wine Bags Wholesale

4.88 out of 5
(8 customer reviews)

$2.99 - $4.99

• A perfect Jute bag for wine
• Burlap Bag Size:9″ X 13″ X 4″
• Handle Size: Custom Length
• Handle Types: Cushioned Cotton Rope, Flat Cotton Webbing, Self Fabric Flat, Rope Style
• Bag Material: Jute Bag with food grade LDPE laminate inside

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Quantity Price
100 - 199 $4.99
200 - 499 $4.79
500 - 1,999 $4.59
2,000+ $2.99
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Custom Print your Logo on the Tote Bags

Print on Gusset(sides)
Print under the seams
As many colors printed

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• Holds two bottles
• This Tote Bag is best made in Jute fiber.
• Laminated Organic Cotton can also be used.
• Inside is laminated with LDPE liner which makes it water proof
• Bamboo Handles
• Custom Printing can be done
• Ideal for promotions of high quality wine

8 reviews for Nanaimo Double – Wine Bags Wholesale

  1. 5 out of 5


    I usually don’t write reviews, but I felt obligated, given that there were no reviews for such a fantastic bag. These are amazing! They really do look as sharp as the pictures. I will definitely prefer “Pacific Spirit” with any bag purchase going forward. You don’t know how bad your old bag is until you get this one. It’s fun to notice just how many memories you’ll capture these bags on. It was also shipped very quickly and arrived at my door in designated time! If you look, these are heavy-duty, gorgeously designed bags, and I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. Initially my budget was on lower side, but I thought let’s push the budget little bit, these are perfect for the price I must say. This is amazingly comfortable– I feel supported and cushioned while these bags. The fabric is so soft. Beyond its comfort, the bag is sleek, minimalist, and looks more expensive than what I paid, so hats off to the team at Bombay bag for creating an amazing product at an approachable price. And it’s actually a really nice looking bag. Another thing is the customer service was absolutely fantastic. Highly recommend so far. Will try to update this review after several months of use, but seeing how solid this is, i had to do an early review.

  2. 5 out of 5


    in my view, the whole thing is ideal about this beautiful stylish jute tote bag. This bag screams “aesthetic”. the size is perfect for a journey to the seashore or for summer shopping. it’s far light-weight yet strong. The toggle fastening maintains my essentials cozy. The nude shades are very on-fashion at the moment and might make the best accent for my summer season clothes. you can dress sporty and upload the bag to it. however, what topics the most, is your mind-set, you are the only who offers a voice to the clothes/add-ons, not in opposite. the proper nude combination colorations offers you the ‘long gone with the wind’ feeling. It makes you experience confident, especially understanding that it’s eco pleasant and sublime on the same time. on foot in a room complete of humans with self assurance of what you’re carrying, your strength will absolutely be transmitted and those will need what you wear because of your glow when sporting them.

  3. 4 out of 5


    Every new baby in our family gets one of these bags, extra large, long handle with the zipper. (The new moms and/or dads are pretty excited too!) They are the best travel bags. Whether it’s packing up for a trip to the beach or to camp, a weekend away or even just lugging groceries, these tote bags are convenient, extremely durable and you can fit a ton in them. Plus they’re really heavy duty, waterproof and last forever (my tote is 11 years old and not a tear or busted seam and it’s used weekly hauling stuff to camp). I only wish they still came in more color combinations, My mom also loves this bags very much. She purchased these bags for her grandchildrens, Since then I have bought each of my grandchildren a bag soon after they are born. I just purchased my fifth bag! They are big enough to pack for a week with children’s clothes. (Along with diapers and other items) Super sturdy. The only issue I had was on one bag that was my 8 year old grandsons some of the threads of canvas unraveled and got caught in the zipper preventing it from zipping. With a pair of scissors I was able to simply clip the threads and it has been working great for the last year. I had them all personalized with their names. I absolutely recommend these bags!

  4. 5 out of 5


    When I first was looking at getting this, I almost didn’t because of no reviews about it not standing up for laundry. Well, for my purposes, where i use a basket to collect laundry, but then use this to haul it to wash, it turns out it works perfectly. The handles might be nice longer, for an on the shoulder haul, but I have no issues carrying it over my shoulders with the current straps. And once it has something in it, it stands pretty well. The surprise use is that I ended up using it to grow potatoes when the pandemic started spreading. I did some research and best I’d been able to find the material was only cotton, no chemicals, no waterproofed lining. So I tried it out. And I now have three happy potato plants. They are not yet ready for harvest, but they are responding well to soil build-up. I did drill some holes in the bottom since in my climate areas dry out fast, though the thick canvas walls have been a blessing, holding moisture just enough. I also folded the sides at the top a few inches, in the beginning, but like with laundry, it just needed something in it. It’s definitely promising so far.

  5. 5 out of 5


    This little bag is adorable and is exactly what I was looking for as small gifts for friends who loves cats. (the bag itself would make a nice gift, but can also be a great container to hold more more gift items). I ordered 450 of these bags, two of friends and me shares the quality and I’m glad I did. I feel they were worth the price and well packaged.

  6. 5 out of 5


    I ordered 100 of these in wholesale same day I received it! I use them to consolidate all my Walmart bags of groceries, etc. so I can get them inside without making so many trips! They seem well made, the handles are stitched down in 2 places which should be good for heavy items. I’ve only used them once so far but loved them!

  7. 5 out of 5


    These bags are AMAZING!!! First….they are just plain cute (I have the bike one, well, I have 2). I get compliments every time I use it. Second–you can fit SO MUCH STUFF IN HERE! I take mine to Whole Foods and the folks sacking my groceries always comment on how much you can get into the bag and how easy it is to fill. The straps are strong and there is a little zippered pocket inside (great for Farmer’s Market runs). I also use these for gifts. I participated in a Seattle Indie Bookstore day and ended up with about 15 books in mine by the end of the day—as heavy as the bag was, it didn’t feel like it would rip at all. Great quality and super cute. These bags are also to be available in wholesale. Thanks.

  8. 5 out of 5


    This bag is gorgeous- I only regret not buying more. It folds flat to fit nicely in the car for groceries or any other task you’d grab a reusable bag for. It’s well made, and has a small zipper pocket for items you don’t want knocking around (ie cash or cards at the farmers market)

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