Custom Burlap Bags and Custom Canvas Bags

Design a Tote Bag as per your Specifications

Tote Features we can customize for you :

  • Select you Fabric – Burlap, Canvas, Organic Cotton etc
  • Pick the Handle Style and Handle Length
  • Customize the Tote Bag Size
  • Cotton Tape Handles
  • Custom Printing can be done
  • Select your Custom Bag Colors
  • Bag Tags
  • Bring your ideas and imagination

Tote Bag design Consultancy

MNC Bags team has a collective experience of over 100 years in helping our clients develop Tote bags that work for their business goals. We can provide you consultancy in the following areas:

  • Design a new tote bag for your business goals
  • Connect to the local artists who can make a huge difference
  • Graphic Design work
  • Street Marketing campaigns

What is Jute?

Jute is plant mostly grown in India and some parts of Mexico. Fibers from Jute plant are also known as Jute. Jute fibers are very environment friendly as they require minimum chemical treatment before we can weave them into textiles. Whereas cotton requires a lot of chemical processing. For more information on Jute click here.


Can my logo be printed on the jute bags?

Yes, we print your logo on any place on the Jute Bag or the Canvas Bag. Printing your logo on the Jute Wine bags can help you brand your wine shop or winery. Printing your slogan or design on the bags is a great way to market yourself. It is almost like a walking billboard. Now, some people don’t like to buy your corporate logo printed bags which are very invasive. So our guideline is that if you are planning to sell the bags the logo should be subtle and very passive.


How many colors can be printed?

We can print your multi color design logo or design on Jute bags. Since screen printing is not like printing on a paper, we recommend you to provide us your design and let us analyze. We can most likely print it as it is. Or we could suggest you some changes in the colour contrast so that the deign intricacy is more visible