Order Process for online and bag Customizations

We recommend that you put any notes like custom handle length, printing instructions etc on the check out page column ‘Order notes’ (see below)

But dont worry in case you could not specify for any reasons. Like the information is not ready or you need to finalize it, or may be you just forgot!

Before we make your bags, we confirm your order manually with you by phone or email. Then we make a bag mockup picture with your print design on it. After your approval of the mockup, we then start making your bags. So yes there is ample opportunity for you to make changes.

A lot of our customers provide 1-2 print designs and ask multiple bag mockups so they can see which one looks better. Customers can also ask us to readjust the mockup multiple times for some changes they think may work better. We are more than happy to do this. Becasue our goal is to make you a bag that works great for your business.

 MNC Bags Online Order Process Summary

Logo / Print design File Format and Upload instructions FAQ

How do I upload the logo?

After you finish online order, you will receive the email confirmation and you can just reply to that email with your logo/design files attached. Or just send it to [email protected]
You can just send us the link url of your design and we will download it from there.

What file format should I provide the logo as?

Send us your logo/design in whatever format you have it in. Most of the time we can work with the design as it is. But in case we need in a special format we will let you know!