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"Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing!"
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May you all be successful in your efforts to become safe for our planet!
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Jute Bags
"Jute is not just a fabric, it's a symbol of sustainability, versatility, and the beauty of nature."

Wholesale Burlap Bags, Grocery Jute Bags and Bulk Canvas bags

MNC Bags New York  ♦ Premium Jute Burlap bags ♦ High Quality  Cotton Canvas Bags ♦ Wholesale prices ♦ Print your logo  ♦ Wholesale grocery bags ♦ Free Delivery all over USA!

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MNC Bags can do custom printed bags. We can also fully customized bags as per your needs things like Bag size, printing on the Gussets, printing under seams, Handle length, fabric etc. Please contact us now for a quick quote.

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“Exquisite Jute Burlap Bags and Canvas Tote Bags showcase exceptional artistry and expertise!”

About MNC Bags

MNC Bags (Estd. 2007) is Tote Bag company promoting Environment Friendly Tote Bags that are healthy for human use. All our products are 100% free from any kind of harmful chemicals. It is our aim is to establish the fact that fashion does not have to cause any cruelty towards the animals or pollute our environment.
Our prime focus is to make Premium Quality Bags at Low Prices! We are based in New York, USA!

Jute as an Environment Friendly Fabric:

Jute fiber is often called Hessian or Burlap (North America); jute fabrics are also called Hessian cloth. Jute is a rain-fed crop with little need for fertilizer and no need for pesticides or insecticides. Jute plants grow so close to each other that no pest can survive in there. It is the most organic fiber. Jute fiber is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Thus the bags from this fiber are very environment friendly bags. Another feature is that these bags can maintain their structure in free air and are very durable.

Also it requires no chemical bleaching for weaving or dying (unlike cotton). This aspect makes it very gentle on skin and especially for those prone to allergies.

Jute fiber weave is a little coarse. This gives it a very natural and green bag kind of feeling. But this does not mean the lack of fashion appeal. Jute bags are in fact very appealing and ideal for any fashion conscious person.

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