Canvas Grocery Tote Bags: Farmers Market (Large)

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Canvas Grocery Tote Bag – Farmers Market is a great Canvas Tote bag for Farmer’s Markets, Local events, Street Bazars and Grocery Stores. This tote has a large opening which makes it easy for putting in or taking out the food items. The handles are short so you can easily carry in hand. It is a medium sized bag with all over gusset/depth.

•  Canvas Grocery Tote Bag – Farmers Market is made of high quality 100% Natural Cotton Canvas
•  Bag fabric color of your choice for no extra charges
•  Grocery Bags Wholesale means you can buy the canvas tote bags in special bulk pricing for the grocery stores
•  Custom Printing of your logo included in the price
•  Long 23″ shoulder handles for no extra charge can done

Canvas Bag Size: 12″W x 13.5″ H x 7.5”D
Handle Length: 16″ long (great for hand holding)
Handle Types: 1″ Flat self fabric straps
Canvas Bag Fabric: 10 oz 100% Natural Canvas
Tote Bag color: Natural unbleached 12oz Canvas
Custom Printing: 2 Color Custom design included

Canvas Grocery Tote Bag – Farmers Market is an excellent tote to sell to your customers at your Local Farmers Markets. This Natural Canvas is made with the 12oz canvas fabric and that makes it feel very high quality. Your customers will love this bag for two reasons; it has the looks of a premium canvas tote secondly it is very well sized – not too big not too small.</h2

Price: $X.XX
For Special Wholesale prices for Business Customers please contact us

Free Gusset printings on both Left and Right Side Limited Time offer till Aug 31st 2023. Includes one color.

Delivered in 10 days from Mockup Approval Free Shipping Included Up to two Colors Printed on both Front and Back side included No print size restrictions, print full sides Setup Fees and all other charges included Direct Phone call or Email to Customer service

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Tote Bag Details:

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(We will give you a credit back on your future order of 200+ bags made in 60 days)



What aspect of the bags can you Customize?

  • Anything and everything!
  • Bag size (No extra charges)
  • Bag fabric color (Extra charge may apply for certain colors)
  • Print full sides (upto 1″ from the edges – no extra charges)
  • Print under the seams for edge to edge printing (No extra charges for first time customer)
  • Print on the gussets (Extra charge may apply or just ask us for free gusset print for first time customer)
  • Print different design on both sides front and back (Extra charges may apply)
  • Print at the bag bottom (Extra charge may apply)
  • Handle length change (no extra charge)
  • Handle style change from options Webbing Straps, Self fabric straps, Cotton strings/ropes etc(Based on the order quantity extra charges may not apply)

Bag Customization:

  • Please indicate your customization requirements on the checkout page
  • We will reconfirm with you manually anyways even if you miss anything on the checkout page
  • After the order has been placed, we will contact you to send your logo by email
  • We will then make a bag mockup and show it to you for your approval
  • Only after your manual approval we will make the bags
  • Bag handles can be customized in both Handle Length and Handle Style (Cushioned rope, Flat Cotton Webbing, Self Fabric Flat etc.)

Extra charges for printing:

  • Zero print area restrictions on the bag
  • Price includes up to 2 color screen print on both sides. Extra print colors only $0.29 ea
  • Both gusset prints can also be done for extra charges, please contact us
  • Bag Size and handles can be customized for no additional charges
  • Additional Bag Custom Printing and Labelling options can be found here


  • Price includes shipping and delivery through out continental USA (except remote locations)
  • Usually delivers in about 2-3 weeks from confirmed mockup. In case you have an event date, please let us know asap so we can make sure you can receive on time
  • Additional shipping information can be found here

Let us know what you need and we can make it happen! This is our commitment to ourselves and our customers!

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  1. 5 out of 5


    The canvas tote bag I recently purchased exceeded my expectations in terms of both quality and functionality. The bag is made of durable canvas material that feels sturdy and well-constructed, and it features reinforced handles that make it comfortable to carry even when it’s loaded with heavy items. One of the things I appreciate most about this bag is its spacious interior. It has enough room to fit all of my daily essentials, including my laptop, notebook, water bottle, and more, without feeling bulky or weighed down. The bag also features several pockets on the interior and exterior, which I find very useful for keeping my items organized and easily accessible.The bag is also very versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. I’ve used it for both casual outings and more formal events, and it’s always looked great. The bag is also easy to clean, which is a huge plus for me, as I often use it for carrying my groceries. Overall, I am extremely impressed with this canvas tote bag and would highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a new bag. It’s stylish, practical, and built to last, making it the perfect companion for all your daily needs.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I was asked to give an honest review of these bags. All I can say is Unexpected Wow! So user friendly, well made/sturdy, and convenient. My husband hates plastic bags so I usually use the recycled cotton fabric bags that only last so long, don’t hold up to washing and usually squish whatever they are holding. I loaded two of these puppies up with so many pounds of groceries (I’m sure they could have held more weight with ease) and hauled them (swung, jiggled, jolted and jumped) all around. There was no squishing of the food, ripping, sagging or tearing of the bags or handles. They performed really well. The food they held took the place of 5-6 plastic grocery bags.
    These could also easily be used for storing stuff on shelves in a closet, garage, bathroom or kitchen as well.
    In all I would definitely buy these again. Well worth the ease and organization they provide my Mom life!

  3. 5 out of 5


    When I first saw the Farmers Market canvas grocery bag, I was immediately drawn to its beautiful design. The bag featured a vibrant print of colorful vegetables and fruits, with the words “Farmers Market” emblazoned across the front. As someone who cares about the environment and loves shopping at local markets, I knew that this bag was the perfect accessory for me. I decided to take the Farmers Market canvas grocery bag on a shopping trip to my local farmers’ market. The bag was the perfect size for all of my purchases, with plenty of room for fresh produce, artisanal bread, and other goodies. The sturdy canvas material held up well under the weight of my items, and the long handles allowed me to carry the bag comfortably over my shoulder. As I made my way through the market, I noticed that several other shoppers were also carrying canvas grocery bags. Some of them had plain, unadorned bags, while others had bags with fun prints and designs. It was clear that the use of reusable bags was becoming more popular, and I felt proud to be part of this movement. After filling my bag with all of my purchases, I headed back to my car feeling happy and fulfilled. As I drove home, I reflected on the impact that my small choice to use a canvas grocery bag could have on the environment. By choosing to use a reusable bag instead of a single-use plastic bag, I was helping to reduce waste and protect the planet for future generations. The Farmers Market canvas grocery bag is a beautiful and practical accessory for anyone who cares about the environment and loves to shop at local markets. Its vibrant design and sturdy construction make it a versatile and convenient option for carrying groceries and other items, while its eco-friendly materials help to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Amazing quality, long lasting and a awesome size. i love the inner wallet and that they may be easily washed. The simplest element lacking from those close to perfect grocery luggage, is a cardboard bottom insert so they take a seat flat while packing. I could be including my very own but overall I’m very glad with my buy.

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