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Great Reusable Grocery Bags!

I love this Reusable Grocery Bags - Pacific Spirit bag! It's held up really nicely and all our Store Staff and Customers also like it so much. The material is durable and the bag seems well made. The handles are attached sturdily and filler cushioning makes it very comfortable to hold. I love that our store design is printed so well. We wanted custom grocery bags for our store with custom printing. But this Burlap Grocery Bag has worked out so well. The bag can actually stand up on its own and the bag size is very good and it can fit everything. It can hold so much, it's awesome. Shipping and packaging were great too. Highly recommend.

-Ethel Hicks, (May 15, 2016)

Best Bag our store had so far!

I love this bag! Ive been looking for the right type of bag for our Grocery Store. And this Burlap bag was just perfect. The bag is extremely durable and the Burlap fabric is great quality. Our store Customers are already loving it. I contacted the seller and they were a pleasure to deal with. I got the quickest service and they were so helpful. Top notch customer service!

-Rachel Barnes, (November 4, 2013)

Great I found you!

I saw many stores selling similar bags throughout my trip while in London. Ever since I came back I have been looking for reusable grocery bags wholesale that can make a good Jute Bag. I think this Reusable Grocery Bags - Pacific Spirit is the perfect bag for Grocery stores. The Handles are comfortable, Size if perfect, and the inner liner makes it easy to clean in case of any spills etc. And our Print looks so good. Our customers love this Jute Grocery Bag.

-Jeanette Berry, (July 7, 2014)

Nice Grocery Tote!

Arrived promptly from Canada. Very nice Grocery Tote bag and reasonable price. The bag looks very durable and I have received a lot of good feedback from our customers. People actually stopped me a couple of times and asked me where I got this bag. We have been looking for good looking wholesale grocery bags for some time. And I am glad that I spotted this on the MCN Bags website. Highly recommended to anyone looking for High Quality reusable grocery bags.

-Yvonne Townsend, (January 14, 2013)

Best Quality Burlap Bags you can ever find!

Just received our Burlap Bags and I am really pleased! I've been eyeing this type of tote for our Grocery Store. All the stores have custom reusable grocery bags and we also wanted a hign end looking Grocery Tote. This bag is very nice especially for the price, I was pleased to see that there was also an inner. The material is thick and doesn't look cheap. Yes there is a smell of natural burlap but I think it goes so well with our Natural Foods Theme. Overall I am very happy with the bag and the great customer service!

-Lindsay Jimenez, (December 18, 2013)

Very Sturdy and Confortable bag!

Feels sturdy, and stitching is great. Had no smell. Just like the burlap fabric you have to bring them too close to your nose. Even then it is very natural and organic. I would totally buy these again for our store. Like the seller said have done great things for our store marketing in the neighbourhood!

-Roberta Cooper, (September 20, 2015)

Thank you MNC bags!

This bag is wonderful! I've only had it a couple weeks and already a lot of people on the street have asked me where I got it from! We have been looking for good quality bulk Grocery Bags and not the cheap kind of bags that many stores carry now a days. I was not sure where to buy reusable grocery bags from. Then I found this website and this bag Pacific Spirit is the best so far of all the Grocery Bags we have tried so far. Our customers simply love this bag. Yes! we will reorder this bag again.

-Leon Smith, (July 25, 2013)

A very well made bag for a very good price!

A very well made bag for a very good price! It's adorable and affordable! You can tell that it's pretty sturdy once you hold it in your hands (which is awesome). The handle isn't too long but great for carrying in hand or on the shoulders. I used in while in the rain and the rain drops stained it but next day it was fine! Arrived way ahead of schedule! MNC Bags is a highly recommend Grocery Tote Bags Wholesale supplier!

-Jo Jones, (February 26, 2015)