Green World

Happy Labor day 2023

Wrapping up summer with a green thumb (if trees had thumbs 😉) and gearing up for the Labor Day long weekend! 🌳🎉 Businesses, let’s kick back, relax, and make a commitment to work smarter, not harder for our planet! 🌍✨ Celebrate responsibly with eco-friendly choices. 🍃 #EcoLaborDay Wishing everyone a … Read More

Texture Old Jute fabric with hand repaired patch

Jute: An Ode to the Silent Sustainer

In the sprawling tapestry of human endeavor, there exists a fabric woven from the very essence of the earth, a material that whispers of resilience and perseverance. Jute, the humble harbinger of our collective progress, has traversed the corridors of time with us, lending its unassuming grace to the backdrop … Read More