Custom Tote Bags: Classy Tote

Custom Tote Bags - Classy Tote
Custom Tote Bags - Classy Tote
Wholesale Reusable Bags - Classy Tote
Reusable Tote Bags Wholesale - Classy Tote
Recyclable Bags Wholesale - Classy Tote

Burlap Bag Model Name: Classy Tote

Burlap Bag Size :Custom Size

Handle Size. Size :Custom Length

Promotional Bag

Burlap Bag Category: Promotional Bags

Features of this Burlap Bag:

  • Made of Environment friendly Fabrics
  • Eco Friendly dyes Uses
  • Can be customized as per your requirements
  • Printing and other Branding can be done
  • Different Colors / fabrics options available
  • Organic Cotton Canvas can be used
  • Paper or Cloth Tag available

Burlap Bag Classy Tote Prices (USD)







Price Includes Setup, Printing One Color on Both Sides, Extra color setup $30 plus $0.20 each

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